Product Design: Backstage

I'm the Lead Product Designer at Backstage. We're a digital career platform with tools to help casting directors cast their projects and aspiring actors become working actors.

Talent Application Manager - workflow app for casting directors

Quick view of an actor's application

Post-signup "welcome" page

Casting Calls - job finding app for actors

Actor Profile - editing mode

Talent Dashboard for actors

Messaging app

Media Locker app - media storage and editing tool

Backstage iOS app - launch screen

Past Work: Web & Branding

I freelanced for a couple of years before joining Backstage. From websites to branding, I did a variety of work for clients of all shapes and sizes.

About Me

I like things that look nice. I appreciate a well-designed lamp, enjoy artwork on my walls, and preferred Rdio to Spotify mostly because the interface was just so damn pretty.

Originally from Connecticut, I went to Keene State College and graduated with a BA in Graphic Design in 2005. My career as a designer really began after moving to New York City a year later. Since that time I’ve found myself in all sorts of roles – at a print magazine, a couple advertising agencies, and as a freelancer doing a little bit of everything. In 2013 I decided the freelance game was no longer for me and found my way to Backstage, where I'm currently in charge of product design.

Aside from design, I enjoy biking, camping, strong coffee and hoppy beer. I am actually a pretty good cook. I have two cats but do not like them very much. I currently live in the lovely maritime neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Say Hi

Messages are fun! Send one to: jl at jefflilley dot com

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I had Twitter and Dribbble accounts, but failed miserably in their upkeep :(