Hi. I'm Jeff.

I'm a designer of digital experiences, currently working at Backstage and living in Brooklyn.

Building a an industry-leading career platform for actors and casting directors alike.

Over the past four years our product team has rebuilt nearly every app Backstage offers. As Lead Product Designer, I designed, prototyped, and wrote the HTML and CSS for all of it, including these:

Application Manager
An intuitive system for casting directors to view, organize, and contact the thousands of applications they can potentially receive for a project.

Casting Search
With advanced filter options, ability to save searches, and a quick, slide-out view for each listing, this is a powerful tool for actors to find jobs.

Talent Profiles
An essential tool for actors to get hired, our new profile system allows easy updating with a toggled editing mode, as well as options to casting directors in their workflow

Soon-to-launch iOS app
While all our new web apps are responsive, this will be a much more seamless experience for actors. I didn't do any HTML and CSS for this one, but I did do all the designs – literally hundreds of screens for every flow and interaction.

Wanna get in touch? Email me at jl@jefflilley.com

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Instagram