Hi. I'm Jeff.

I live in Brooklyn and design delightful digital experiences at Backstage.

Building an industry-leading career platform for actors and casting directors alike.

Over the past four years our team has rebuilt nearly every product Backstage offers. As Lead Product Designer, I provide the design (and most of the HTML and CSS) for nearly everything we put out, including these little nuggets:

Application Manager

An intuitive system for casting directors to view, organize, share and contact the thousands of applicants they can potentially receive for a project.

Casting Search

With advanced filtering options, ability to save searches, and a quick, slide-out view for each listing, our casting job search is a powerful tool for actors – and a thing of envy for our competitors!

Talent Profiles

An essential tool for actors to get hired, our new profile system allows for easy updating with a toggled editing mode, as well as a UI that's optimized to showcase their best stuff to casting directors who might want to hire them.

iOS app

Throughout all our users interviews the one thing that nearly everyone asked for was a mobile app -- and we delivered. While our newer web apps are responsive, the iOS app is a faster, more intuitive experience for those on the go -- which is pretty much all actors. I've worked closely with our iOS development team over the past year and we're super excited for this thing to finally be in the app store!

Wanna get in touch? Email me at jl@jefflilley.com

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Instagram