Product Design: Backstage

Building a better product to enhance the careers of professionals on both the casting and acting sides of the entertainment industry.

Past Work: Web

All design, HTML, and CSS done by me.

Past Work: Logos

Various logos and branding projects from my freelancing days.

About Me

I like things that look nice. I appreciate a well-designed lamp, enjoy artwork on my walls, and preferred Rdio to Spotify mostly because the interface was better.

Originally from Connecticut, I attended Keene State College in New Hampshire and graduated with a BA in Graphic Design in 2005. My career as a designer really began after moving to New York City a year later. Since that time I’ve worked in print production, promotional advertising design, illustration and web design. Most recently, I've begun my foray into digital product design and am currently the Lead Product Designer at Backstage.

Aside from design, I enjoy biking, camping, strong coffee and hoppy beer. I am actually a pretty good cook. I have two cats but do not like them very much. I currently live in the lovely maritime neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Say Hi

Messages are fun! Send one to: jl at jefflilley dot com

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Finally, there's Medium. I don't have anything interesting to say so I'm not on there.